Surv BioPharma Inc.


Technology Platform

Our Core Strengths: A technology platform that enables viral replication control

  • Our founder Professor Kosai developed a proprietary technology platform for constructing m-CRAs with various tissue- and tumor-specific replication properties. He first removed the endogenous promoter required for viral replication from the human adenovirus backbone and then inserted tissue- and-tumor-specific promoters at its appropriate positions.
  • Despite attempts in the 1990s to develop treatments using non-replicating (“replication-defective”) adenoviral vectors, the resulting therapeutic viruses did not elicit adequate response due to their limited ability of propagation. Replication-regulated adenoviral vectors subsequently emerged but only a single factor was used to support/regulate its replication, resulting in inadequate cancer cell specificity.
  • Using our proprietary technology, Surv BioPharma has succeeded in enhancing cancer cell specificity by precisely regulating viral replication with multiple cancer-specific factors. In addition, it is developing viruses carrying genes with therapeutic effects on cancers as well as genes for curing certain other diseases.

Our Core Strengths: A technology platform that enables viral optimization