Surv BioPharma Inc.


Our Company Name

Our Company Name & Logo

The “Surv” component of our company name is a shortened version of the word “virus” as it is read backward, which conveys our intention to “reverse” the historical concept of viruses as an enemy of humanity to that of a tool to serve human society.

Our company logo depicts the adenovirus dodecahedron and the letter “S” from “Surv”. By adding the letter “i” omitted from our shortened-reversed “virus”—which is also the first letter of the Japanese word “idenshi” for gene—we emphasize the role of our gene technology.

Placing the letter “i” in the center of our logo symbolizes both “innovation” and the phonetic reading of the Japanese word for love or “ai”. Finally, the logo’s stylized depiction of the letter “i” is inspired by the shape of Sakurajima’s stratovolcano, which is the renowned symbol of Kagoshima.