Surv BioPharma Inc.



Executive Directors & Auditors

Ken-ichiro Kosai(Executive Chairman, Founder & CSO, Ph.D., M.D.)

  • Professor, Dept. of Gene Therapy & Regenerative Medicine, Graduate School of Medical & Dental Sciences, Kagoshima University
  • Pioneered development of next-generation m-CRA (conditionally-replicating adenovirus specifically targeting tumors with multiple factors) platform technology as a prospective new cancer therapy in the globally-anticipated field of oncolytic viruses (OVs).
  • In a Phase I study, the first-generation Surv.m-CRA-1 yielded globally superior results to those of competing technologies, and a Phase II study is currently underway with an eye to gaining regulatory approval. The second-generation Surv.m-CRA-2 is also under development

Masaki Yamada(Representative Director, President, Ph.D., M.B.A.)

  • More than 35 years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D
  • Previously Head of Pharmacology Research Lab & Manager of the Sohyaku (Innovative Research) Strategy & Planning Dept., Sohyaku Innovative Research Div. At Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, and former President of Tanabe Research Labs, U.S.A.
  • Highly-experienced in R&D strategy development & project management and in promoting open innovation

Yoshihiro Takano(Executive Director & CFO)

  • C.P.A.
  • Successfully listed a healthcare tech venture on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market as its CFO, and has wide-ranging business experience with a focus on corporate planning & business development for banks, general trading companies, major retailers and other listed corporations

Shinji Takahashi(Executive Director, General Manager of R&D Dept., Ph.D.)

  • Doctor of Science
  • Experienced in all aspects of pharmacology & translational science research as a former employee of major pharma companies including Astellas Pharma & Taisho Pharmaceutical
  • Led global R&D projects on new modalities including gene therapy & OV therapy for Astellas PharmaCorporate Auditors

Matsugaki Mikio (Corporate Auditor)

  • Well versed in internal auditing, finance & accounting, with more than 30 years experience at a government-affiliated bank
  • Practical experience in listing a bioventure as Corporate auditor

Muneo Takatani(Independent Corporate Auditor)

  • Doctor of Pharmacology, Visiting Professor at Kagoshima University
  • Garnered extensive experience from basic research to business development & management while employed at Takeda Pharmaceutical, and served as Specially Appointed Professor at Kyoto University
  • Also acts as director of a bioventure company originating from Kyoto University

Kiichiro Kawada(Independent Corporate Auditor)US C.P.A. & M.B.A. 

  • Mr. Kawada is a US C.P.A., holds a US M.B.A. degree, and spent 14 years in the U.S., where he worked at Deloitte Touche LLP as a client service representative.
  • After returning to Japan, he worked for Deloitte Tohmatsu FAS and a government revitalization fund as a M&A advisor and in revitalization operations.
  • In 2009, he became CFO of a listed drug discovery venture (RaQualia Pharma Inc.).
  • Currently, he is involved in mentoring promising Japanese bioventures nearing IPO and advising startup ventures.

VC investor-appointed Directors (DCI Partners)

Hiroki Narita(Independent Director)

Norihide Hayakawa(Independent Director)