Surv BioPharma Inc.


Our Business

Our Business Activities

Surv BioPharma is a Kagoshima University-accredited bioventure company established to commercialize therapeutic viruses developed by Prof. Kosai of Kagoshima University.

We will contribute to improved human health outcomes by promoting the R&D of therapeutic viruses created by our company founder, Professor Kenichi Kosai of Kagoshima University, to establish new gene therapy techniques.

We will

  • create therapeutic viruses by leveraging our proprietary technology platform.
  • investigate the safety and efficacy of these newly-created therapeutic viruses.
  • out-license therapeutic viruses, together with our study data, to major pharmaceutical companies.
  • expand our business by delivering therapeutic drugs to patients via major pharmaceutical companies.
  • ultimately contribute to improved human health outcomes by promoting the commercialization of gene therapy with our role as a drug discovery venture company.

Oncolytic viruses (OVs)

Using the promoter for a protein called survivin with high cancer cell-specific expression, we have successfully developed a pipeline of OVs (Surv.m-CRA series) that only attack cancer cells without attacking normal cells.

In vivo gene therapy viruses

We have successfully developed a pipeline of several therapeutic viruses containing genes that encode hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) and other growth factors effective in curing hepatic diseases and diabetes mellitus.

Mid-to-Long Term Growth Envisages